What is Defamation in Missouri?

Generally, defamation is term that describes some sort of written or spoken communication that damages another’s reputation. In Missouri, defamation is broken down into two different groups – slander and libel – with the main difference being slander is spoken defamation and libel being written defamation.

Missouri Requirements for Libel and Slander Cases

In order to have a case for either libel or slander, Missouri law requires the following five elements:

  • Publication of a defamatory statement,
  • That identifies the plaintiff,
  • That is false
  • That is published with the requisite degree of fault, and
  • Damages the plaintiff’s reputation.

Common Defamation Cases

Defamation cases in Missouri happen in many different ways. Despite this, the consequences of having a false statement published about you are all the same – severe. Some of the more common Missouri defamation cases are:

  • Facebook postings
  • Twitter postings
  • Work-Related Emails
  • Newspaper articles
  • Work-Related Functions
  • Termination from Work
  • Loss of Promotion
  • Demotion

How to Preserve Your Defamation Case

The damaging, untruthful statements or publications that ultimately harm your reputation can occur in a moment’s notice. When this occurs, it is important to document everything related to the statement or publication. Keep in mind that most social media websites can be edited quickly and easily. Even though publications can be easily deleted, the harm to your reputation cannot be taken away as easily. As such, it is vital that you screenshot or copy all posted untruthful comments about you.

What We Can Do For You?

Defamation cases involve several legal nuances which can make a claim hard to file without having the proper experience. Likewise, finding the entity responsible for making a defamation claim can be difficult. At The Law Office of Steve Slough, we are experienced in handling Missouri defamation cases. If you have been harmed by the damaging remarks or publications of another, please feel free to contact our office.