Workers’ Compensation

Workplace Injuries

Protecting employees at the workplace is a notion that has been in effect for many, many years in Missouri. Each state has its own set of laws dedicated exclusively to injured workers in the workplace. These laws allow for workers’ compensation claims which operate somewhat differently than a traditional law suit.

Workers’ compensation claims begin when an employee is injured while working. As mentioned previously, a workers’ compensation claim is a different process than a traditional law suit as it is subjected to its own set of laws as well as process different and separate from a traditional law suit. Despite this, the facts surrounding the claim may allow for the injured party to have both a workers’ compensation claim as well as a traditional law suit. For example, a defective product may cause an injury to an employee while working, potentially giving rise to a workers’ compensation claim as well as a traditional suit against the product manufacturer. Dealing with multiple sets of laws and scenarios is complex, requiring an attorney who understands the entire situation.

Insurance Company Tactics

Most workers’ compensation claims involve dealing with insurance companies. These insurance companies are not on your side. When insurance companies find out about a potential personal injury claim, they will contact you immediately and attempt to settle your claim for a very small amount. After that settlement, your legal recourses against the wrongdoer are then extinguished meaning that if you find out that your injuries are much more severe than originally thought, you are out of luck. Unfortunately, this is a common tactic insurance companies use to keep you from getting the compensation and treatment you deserve.

What To Do After Getting Injured at Work

First and foremost, make sure you are ok. Seek medical attention immediately. Even if several days have passed and you think you are ok, you need to be seen by a medical professional. Injuries are not always apparent and in many cases they manifest themselves later in time. Medical professionals are trained at determining how severe your injury is and as such, seeking medical treatment immediately after the injury is vital to both your health and your case.

Notify your employer immediately. It is very important for your workers’ compensation claim that your notifity your employer as soon as you get hurt. If you fail to do this, your claim may be denied.

Insurance companies look very closely at your medical records. Plainly stated, for insurance companies, if the records aren’t there, the injury didn’t happen. Likewise, if there is a gap in treatment, insurance companies will deny your claim stating that the injury occurred elsewhere. Despite having no grounds for their statements, this is simply how insurance companies operate.

Why You Need to Hire a Lawyer

When an attorney gets involved in a workers’ compensation claim, insurance companies take notice. Insurance companies know that an attorney has the ability and resources to properly work up your case. Likewise, an attorney understands all the facets of a personal injury claim giving you a distinct advantage against the insurance company.

What We Can Do For You

The Law Office of Steve Slough routinely handles workers’ compensation claims. The firm prides itself on standing up to insurance companies and fighting for personal injury victims. We have experience in dealing with insurance companies and know how to quickly discredit the theories they use to deny your claim.

If you have been injured on the job, please feel free to call our office for a free consultation.