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Wrongful Death
A wrongful death lawsuit is a suit that is brought by a surviving family member or other person on behalf of someone who was killed by the action of someone else
Personal Injury
Personal injury cases occur when someone is injured by the action or inaction of others. These cases range in severity and type as some cases involve minor injuries whereas others unfortunately result in a fatality.
Car Accidents
After you have been involved in an auto accident, the most important thing to do is to seek medical attention immediately. Your health and safety is the most important concern.
Trucking Accident
Quite obviously, the trucking company who caused an accident is going to be held accountable in a trucking case. Despite this, an injured party’s ability to recover does not stop at the trucking company alone.
Workers’ Compensation
Protecting employees at the workplace is a notion that has been in effect for many, many years in Missouri.
Drunk Driving Accidents
The State of Missouri recognizes a cause of action against establishments that serve alcohol to consumers who then in turn injure somebody else due to the consumer’s intoxication. 
Snow, Water & Ice Injury
Missouri law recognizes injuries that are caused by snow, water & ice. The injuries caused by snow, water and ice usually result in a slip & fall by the injured party.
Slip & Fall
A slip & fall case is exactly like it sounds - it is a injury that occurs when someone slips and falls on someone else's property. I
Side Collision
Side collisions, commonly refered to as "being broadsided", are common car accidents in St. Louis.
Rear End Collision
In St. Louis, a large number of car accidents are rear end collisions. The most common injury related to a rear end collision is whiplash.